Pericles Emerging in the Mueller Report - 7 Mentions

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Global Energy Capital LLC (GEC), an investment mana ement and dviso firm focused on the ener sector in emerging

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system to Iran, Russian planes buzzing US. military assets in the Middle East, and Russian aggression in emerging

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millions of dollars by Deripaska as well.846 In 2007, Deripaska invested through another entity in Pericles

Emerging Market Partners LP.

(“Pericles”), an investment fund created by Manafort and former Manafort business partner Richard Davis

The Pericles fund was established to pursue investments in Eastern Europe.847 Deripaska was the sole

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Office that Manafort thought his role on the Campaign could help “confirm” that Deripaska had dropped the Pericles

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Office that the “issue” (and “our biggest interest,” as stated below) was a solution to the Deripaska-Pericles

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acknowledged it, he claimed that the meeting had been arranged by his lawyers and concerned only the Pericles

, however, provides reason to doubt Manafort’s statement that the sole topic of the meeting was the Pericles

Manafort and Oganov.942 Kilimnik’s message states that the meeting was supposed to be “not about money or Pericles

text that he “need[s] this finished before Jan. 20,”944 which appears to be a reference to resolving Pericles

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of the General Staff (GRID New Economic School in Moscow (NES) Opposition Bloc Party of Regions Pericles

Emerging Market Partners LLP Prevezon Holdings Ltd.


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