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nationals to arrange a meeting between the Campaign and the Russian government.

early February 2016.398 At that time, Papadopoulos reached out to a contact at the London Centre of International

Practice (LCILP), which billed itself as a “unique institution . . . comprising high-level professional international

law practitioners, dedicated to the advancement of global legal knowledge and the practice of international

2. 393 Papadopoulos 8/10/17 302, at 2; 2/4/ 16 Email, Papadopoulos to Idris. 399 London Centre of International

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2016, while in Russia, Mifsud introduced Papadopoulos over email to Ivan Timofeev, a member of the Russian

International Affairs Council (RIAC).456 Mifsud had described Timofeev as having connections with the

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA),457 the executive entity in Russia responsible for Russian

over Skype and email about setting “the groundwork” for a “potential” meeting between the Campaign and Russian

In July 2016, he connected with Yuriy Melnik, the spokesperson for the Russian Embassy in Washington

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CNI is a think tank with expertise in and connections to the Russian government.

Jared Kushner also interacted with Simes about Russian issues during the campaign.

“ CNI is overseen by a board of directors and an advisory council that is largely honorary and whose

States in the early 19703, and joined CNI’s predecessor after working at the Carnegie Endowment for International

Counsel, CNI, available at

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defeat the resolution.1212 Kushner led the effort for the Transition Team; Flynn was responsible for the Russian

talk with foreign leaders about the resolution, with Flynn continuing to lead the outreach with the Russian

Sanctions Against Russia Flynn was also the Transition Team member who spoke with the Russian government

Offense 1i 3(g). 1221 Israel ’5 Settlements Have No Legal Validity, Constitute Flagrant Violation of International

Law, Security Council Rea/firms, 7 853rd Meeting (PM), United Nations Security Council (Dec. 23, 2016

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construction applied with “special force” to provisions that would impinge on the President’s foreign-affairs

Haitian Centers Council, 509 US. 155, 188 (1993) (applying the presumption against extraterritorial application

Refugee Act of 1980 as not governing in an overseas context where it could affect “foreign and military affairs

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Harm to Ongoing Matter Public relations consultant at FTI Consulting; worked with Davis Manafort International

President of the Russian International Affairs Council and former Russian foreign minister.

Russian businessman and father of Denis Katsyv.

have ties to Russian intelligence.

Former Russian ambassador to the United States and current Russian senator from Mordovia.

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Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Russian government official at the Russian Embassy to the United States who transmitted Vladimir Putin

Advisor to Senator Jeff Sessions who attended the September 2016 meeting between Sessions and Russian

Russian minister of foreign affairs and former permanent representative of Russia to the United Nations

Russian tax specialist who alleged Russian government corruption and died in Russian police custody in

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Director of programs at the Russian International Affairs Council and program director of the Valdai

Club who communicated in 2016 with George Papadopoulos, attempting to arrange a meeting between the Russian

Transition Team as the preposed channel to the Russian government.

Chief of staff to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Russian attorney who advocated for the repeal of the Magnitsky Act and was the principal speaker at the

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Department of Justice WMHWWW Russian International Affairs Council Silk Road Group St.

Petersburg International Economic Forum Tatneft Transatlantic Parliamentary Group on Counterterrorism

It is associated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and its members include Ivan Timofeev, Dmitry

Annual event held in Russia and attended by prominent Russian politicians and businessmen.

Russian energy company.

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Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Democratic National Committee Federal Bureau of Investigation Russian

Federal Security Service Global Energy Capital, LLC Russian Federation’s Main Intelligence Directorate

Select Committee on Intelligence Hillary Rodham Clinton Internet Research Agency London Centre of International

National Security Agency Office of the Director of National Intelligence Presidential Transition Team Russian

Direct Investment Fund Russian International Affairs Council State boards of elections Special Counsel


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