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Conway, Kellyanne Counselor to President Trump and manager of the Trump Campaign.


Corallo, Mark Spokesman for President Trump’s personal legal team (June 2017 ~ July
Corsi, Jerome Author and political commentator who formerly worked for

WorldNetDail and InfoWars. Harm to Ongoing Matter

Costello, Robert Attorney who represented he had a close relationship with Rudolph
Giuliani, the President’s personal counsel.


Credico, Randolph Radio talk Show host who interviewed Julian Assange in 2016.

(Randy) Harm to Ongoing Matter

Davis, Richard Partner with Pegasus Sustainable Century Merchant Bank, business

(Rick) Jr. partner of Paul Manafort, and cc—founder of the Davis Manafort lobbying

Dearborn, Rick Former White House deputy chief of staff for policy who previously

served as chief of staff to Senator Jeff Sessions.

Dempsey, Michael Office of Director of National Intelligence official who recalled
discussions with Dan Coats after Coats’s meeting with President Trump
on March 22, 2017.

Denman, Diana Delegate to 2016 Republican National Convention who proposed a
platform plank amendment that included armed, support for Ukraine.

Deripaska, Oleg Russian businessman with ties to Vladimir Putin who hired Paul
M‘anafort for consulting work between 2005 and 2009.

Dhillon, Uttam Attorney in the White House Counsel’s Office (Jan. 2017 ~— June 2018).

Dmitriev, Kirill Head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF); met with Erik

Prince in the Seychelles in January 2017 and, separately, drafted a US.-
Russia reconciliation plan with Rick Gerson.

Donaldson, Annie Chief of staff to White House Counsel Donald McGahn (Jan. 2017 — Dec.

Dvorkovich, Arkady Deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation and chairman of the
board of directors of the New Economic School in Moscow. He met with

Carter Page twice in 2016.
Dvoskin, Evgeney Executive of Genbank in Crimea and associate of Felix Sater.
Eisenberg, John Attorney in the White House Counsel’s Office and legal counsel for the
National Security Council.
Erchova, Lana Ex-wife of Dmitry Klokov who emailed Ivanka Trump to introduce
(a/k/a Lana Klokov to the Trump Campaign in the fall of 2015.



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