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Michael Cohen emailed and spoke about the project with the office of Russian government press secretary Dmitry


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5 On January 11, 2016, Cohen emailed the office of Dmitry Peskov, the Russian government’s press secretary

Peskov, Over the past few months, 1 have been working with a company based in Russia regarding the development

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questions, I will be happy to help contact him.”563 Dmitri Klimentov then contacted Russian Press Secretary Dmitry

Peskov about Page’s visit to see if Peskov wanted to introduce Page to any Russian government officials

.564 The following day, Peskov responded to what appears to have been the same Denis Klimentov-Zakharova

Peskov wrote, “I have read about [Page]. Specialists say that he is far from being the main one.

Klimentov 11/27/18 302, at 1-2. 565 7/6/16 Email, Peskov to Klimentov (translated). 5‘66 Page 3/10/

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investigative Technique Dmitry Peskov, the 1010 Russian Federation’s ress secreta , who was also attendin

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did recall that he had received a response to the email that he sent to Russian government spokesman Dmitry

Peskov—in particular, that he received an email reply and had a follow-up phone conversation with an

English-speaking assistant to Peskov in mid-January 2016.

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convention.”934 On May 5, 2016, Sater followed up with a text that Cohen thought he probably read to Trump: Peskov

Petersburg Economic Forum with candidate Trump and saying that Putin or Russian Prime Minister Dmitry

Petersburg Economic Forum because Sater had not obtained a formal invitation for Cohen from Peskov.938

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Afierney—Werk—Predwtfl -‘: Klimentov, Dmitri Klokov, Dmitry Kobyakov, Anton Krickovic, Andrej Krylova

Department of Justice Brother of Denis Klimentov who contacted Kremlin press secretary Dmitri Peskov

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Peskov, Dmitry Phares, Walid Pinedo, Richard Podesta, John Jr.

Personal assistant to Dmitry Peskov who reSponded to Michael Cohen’s outreach about the Trump Tower Moscow

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It is associated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and its members include Ivan Timofeev, Dmitry

Peskov, and Petr Aven.

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Michael Cohen or Felix Sater and any Russian government officials, including officials in the office of Dmitry

Peskov, regarding the Trump Moscow project?


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