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Henry Oknyansky (a/k/a Henry Greenberg) .................................................... 61 b.

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Henry Oknyansky (a/k/a Henry Greenberg) In the spring of2016, Trump Campaign advisor Michael Caputo

learned through a Florida- based Russian business partner that another Florida-based Russian, Henry Oknyansky

(who also went by the name Henry Greenberg), claimed to have information pertaining to Hillary Clinton

Oknyansky and Stone set up a May 2016 in~person meeting.260 Oknyansky was accompanied to the meeting

him after the fact.263 26° Caputo 5/2/18 302, at 4; Oknyansky 7/13/18 302, at 1. 2“ Oknyansky 7/13/

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14, 2016, CNI board member Richard Plepler organized a luncheon for CNI and its honorary chairman, Henry

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Department of Justice WHMQWWW Oganov, Georgiy Oknyansky, Henry (a/k/a Henry Greenberg) Page, Carter

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Ukrainian associate of Henry Oknyansky who claimed to possess derogatory information regarding Hillary


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