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On September 20, 2016, an individual named Jason F ishbein sent WikiLeaks !

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JasonFishbein to @WikiLeaks; see JF00587 (9/21/16 Messages, [email protected] @jabber.cryptoparty.is); Fishbein

When interviewed by our Office, Fishbein produced what he claimed to be logs from a chatroom in which

participants discussed US. politics; one of the other participants had posted the website and password that Fishbein

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First, on May 15, 2016, David Klein— a distant relative of then-Trump Organization lawyer Jason Greenblatt—emailed

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that after she made that statement, she spoke with Campaign advisers Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Miller, Jason

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US Department of Justice WW/lmheafiamm—EWWWM Fabrizio, Anthony (Tony) Fishbein, Jason Flynn, Michael


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