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individual stated that it was well known at IRI that Kilimnik had links to the Russian government.867 0 Jonathan

Hawker, a British national who was a public relations consultant at FTI Consulting, worked with DMI

Alter Hawker’s work for DMI ended, Kilimnik contacted Hawker about working for a Russian 359 Manafort

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invasion of Crimea.868 '1 Gates suspected that Kilimnik was a “spy,” a view that he shared with Manafort, Hawker

and Trump requested VIP status at the 1988 and 1996 Republican conventions worked by Manafort.876 8“ Hawker

1/9/18 302, at 13; 3/18/14 Email, Hawker & Tulukbaev

Feb. 20, 2018), Doc. 8. 87° Hawker 6/9/18 302, at 4; van der Zwaan 11/3/17 302, at 22.

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Attemey—Wo-rlel’rod-Hefl/H Hawker, Jonathan Heilbrunn, Jacob Hicks, Hope Holt, Lester Hunt, Jody Ivanov


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