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Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 201 6 Presidential Election Volume I ofII ' Special Counsel Robert

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letterhead for Trump to sign.384 At approximately the same time that the letter was being prepared, Robert

According to Foresman, he had been asked by Anton Kobyakov, a Russian presidential aide involved with

the Roscongress Foundation, to see if Trump could speak at the Forum.385 Foresman first emailed Graff

In his email, Foresman referenced his long-standing personal and professional expertise in Russia and

10/17/18 302, at 3-4. 386 See TRUMPORGJ6_00136 (3/31/16 Email, Foresman to Graft); see also Foresman

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Department of Justice With no response forthcoming, Foresman twice sent reminders to Graffwfirst

on April 26 and again on April 30, 2016.388 Graff sent an apology to Foresman and forwarded his April

According to Foresman, the “concrete things” he referenced in the same email were a combination of the

Foresman also said that Kobyakov had asked Foresman to invite Trump to speak after that other presidential

are discussed further in Volume 1, Section IV.B.3, infia. ' 392 Foresman 10/17/18 302, at 4. 393 Foresman

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, a Russian foreign policy adviser, was the contact for “more direct/substantial matters.”113i Bob Foresman

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Security Advisor Michael Flynn and his designated deputy (K.T, McFarland) in New York, Flynn asked Foresman

Flynn that, While Kislyak was an important person, Kislyak did not have a direct line to Putin.H32 Foresman

source that Ushakov would be the official channel for the incoming US. national security adviser.1133 Foresman

10/17/18 302, at 17. “33 Foresman 10/17/18 302, at l7~18. “34 Foresman 10/17/13 302, at 18. ”35 RMF-SCO-OOOOOOlS

(1/5/17 Email, Foresman to Atencio & Fiaherty); RMF-SCO-00000015 (1/5/17 Email, Flaherty to Foresman

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which included “negotiations” and discussion of the “most promising business lines and sectors.“160 ' Foresman

Nikolay Tsekhomsky in Moscow just before Gorkov left for New York to meet Kushner. i 161 According to Foresman

Sergey Gorkov Brushes off Questions About Meeting with Jared Kushner, ABC News (June 1, 2017). 1““ Foresman

10/17/18 302, at 14-15. ”62 Foresman 10/17/18 302, at 15.16. 162

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Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election Volume II of 11 Special Counsel Robert

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weighed in on Sessions’s decision to recuse.”6 The President then brought up former Attorneys General Robert

Bannon said the President saw Robert Kennedy and Eric Holder as Attorneys General who protected the presidents

President thought Holder always stood up for President Obama and even took a contempt charge for him, and Robert

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Counsel and the President’s Reaction On May 17, 2017, Acting Attorney General Rosenstein appointed Robert

most important appointment and that Sessions had “let [him] down,” contrasting him to Eric Holder and Robert

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Foresman, Robert (Bob) Futerfas, Alan Garten, Alan Gates, Richard (Rick) III Gerson, Richard (Rick

) Gistaro, Edward Glassner, Michael Goldstone, Robert Gordon, Jeffrey (J.D.)


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