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who notified Papadopoulos by email that she had been told by Glassner to introduce Papadopoulos to Sam Clovis

national security advisors within its ranks.405 To address that issue, senior Campaign officials asked Clovis

a foreign policy team together on short notice.406 After receiving Papadopoulos’s name from Lutes, Clovis

10/3/17 302 (1 of 2), at 4. 4“ Clovis 10/3/17 302 (1 of 2), at 4. 407 —; 3/3/16 Email, Lutes to Clovis

& Papadopoulos (6:05:47 pm). 408 3/6/16 Email, Papadopoulos to Clovis (4:24:21 pm). 409 Statement

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Department of Justice k Papadopoulos’s message came at a time when Clovis perceived a shift in

Papadopoulos and the other members of the foreign policy advisory team copied on the initial email, Clovis

Instagram account), Papadop-oulos sat between the two, two seats to Sessions’s left: 43‘ 3/24/16 Email, Clovis

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and whether “we were following up with it."’473 After Lewandowski told Papadopoulos to “connect with” Clovis

because he was “running point,” Papadopoulos emailed Clovis that “the Russian MFA” was asking him “if

(3:29:14 pm). 475 6/1/16 Email, Papadopouios to Clovis (3:29:14 p.m.).

Papadopoulos’s email coincided in time with another message to Clovis suggesting a Trump-Putin meeting

DJTFP00011547 (5/15/16 Email, Klein to Clovis (5:45:24 p.m.)).

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rtrnent of Justice l l Atterney—Werlepreduetfl ‘- directly with Clovis and Phares in connection

.481 On July 16, 2016, Papadopoulos attended the TAG summit in Washington, DC, where he sat next to Clovis

the photograph below).482 George Papadopoulos (far rig/11;) and Sam Clovis

(second from right) Although Clovis claimed to have no recollection of attending the TAG summit,483

Papadopoulos remembered discussing Russia and a foreign policy trip with Clovis and Phares during the

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September 2016 meetings in London with representatives of the “office of Putin,” and suggest that Phares, Clovis

Later communications indicate that Clovis determined that he (Clovis) could not travel.

” for “closed door workshops/consultations abroad,” and asked whether there was still interest for Clovis

, Phares, and Papadopoulos‘ ‘to go on that trip ”490 Clovis copied Phares on his response, which said

(11:59:07 am). 491 8/15/16 Email, Clovis to Papadopoulos (12:01:45 pm). 92

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traveled to Bismarck, North Dakota, to watch the candidate deliver the speech.548 Chief policy advisor Sam Clovis

commencement ceremony at the 5‘” See, e.g., 1/30/16 Email, Page to Glassner et al.; 3/17/16 Email, Page to Clovis

the Washington Post Editorial Board, Washington Post (Mar. 21, 2016); 549 See, e.g., 3/28/ 16 Email, Clovis

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legislators and senior members of the Presidential Administration here.”577 On July 9, 2016, Page emailed Clovis

302, at 7; Page 3/31/17 302, at 2. 577 7/8/16 Email, Page to Dahl & Gordon. 7/9/16 Email, Page to Clovis

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Samuel Patten, 1:18-cr—260 (‘D.D.C. Aug. 31, 2018), Doc. 6; Statement of Offense, United States v.

Samuel Patten, 1:18-cr-260 (D.D.C. Aug. 31, 2018), Doc. 7.

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Richard Bystrov, Mikhail Calamari, Matt Caputo, Michael Chaika, Yuri Christie, Chris Clapper, James Clovis

, Samuel Jr.

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William Samuel Patten US.


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