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of Dmitry Peskov, the Russian government’s press secretary, indicating that he desired contact with Sergei

Two days later, Cohen sent an email to [email protected], repeating his request to speak with Sergei

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maintain ties to the Russian government following her departuremg She lobbied and testified about the Magnitsky

Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian tax specialist who worked for William Browder, a former investment fund

Browder hired Magnitsky to investigate tax fraud by Russian officials, and Magnitsky was charged with

After Magnitsky died in a Russian prison, Browder lobbied Congress to pass the Magnitsky Act.

Kramer, Turning Tables in Magnitsky Case, Russia Accuses Nemesis of Murder, New York Times (Oct. 22,

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in a second phone call on June 6, 2016, Aras Agalarov asked Kaveladze if he knew anything about the Magnitsky

According to Kaveladze, Aras Agalarov said the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Magnitsky Act

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reported that the meeting had gone well, but he later told Aras Agalarov that the meeting about the Magnitsky

the election to meet with Trump representatives to convey similar information about Browder and the Magnitsky

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Veselnitskaya mostly talked about the Magnitsky Act and Russian adoption laws and the meeting lasted

Specifically, the organization that hired Samochornovm—an anti- Magnitsky Act group controlled by Veselnitskaya

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Ledeen, Barbara Ledeen, Michael Ledgett, Richard Lewandowski, Corey Luff, Sandra Lyovochkin, Serhiy Magnitsky

, Sergei US.

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l Medvedev, Dmitry Melnik, Yu riy Mifsud, Joseph Miller, Matt Miller, Stephen Millian, Sergei Mnuchin

, Steven Mfiller-Maguhn, Andrew Nader, George Netyksho, Viktor the Magnitsky Act, which imposed financial

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that was a defendant in a US. civil action alleging the laundering of proceeds from fraud exposed by Sergei


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Were you told about a meeting between Jared Kushner and Sergei Gorkov that took place in December 2016

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Were you told that the June 9 meeting was about, in whole or in part, adoption and/or the Magnitsky Act


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