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Matter ' Corsi told the Office durin interviews that he “must have” reviousl discussed Assan c with Malloch

.215 Harm to Ongoing Matter “Harm to Ongoing Matter According to Malloch, Corsi asked him

Malloch recalled that Corsi also suggested that individuals in the “orbit” of U.K. politician Nigel Farage

might be able to contact Assange and asked if Malloch knew them.

Malloch told Corsi that he would think about the request but made no actual attempt to connect Corsi

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Department of Justice Malloch stated to investigators that beginnin_ multiple FaceTime

In one conversation in or around August or September 2016, Corsi told Malloch that the release of the

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Mal och was on the ca 1 but then focused on other individuals who were on the call-invitation, which Malloch

(Separate travel records Show that at the time of the call, Malloch was aboard a transatlantic flight)

at one point stated that after WikiLeaks’s release of stolen emails on October 7, 2016, he concluded Malloch

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Department of Justice Malloch, Theodore (Ted) Manafort, Paul J r.


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