About the OPEN Mueller Report


Like many Americans, and people worldwide, I was excited to see what was in the Mueller Report. I was frustrated to find that it was a 150 megabyte, 450 page IMAGE PDF! That means if I want to search for Michael Cohen or Hillary Clinton, it's going to take a long time...

It took me a couple of hours before I even realized there is a VOLUME II stashed away Starting at Page 208 and ending on page 395. Who Knew?

The Mueller Report is one of the most important documents in American History. The average person with a family and a job doesn't have the resources, bandwidth, or technical acumen to dissect this monster of a report. Why is it so difficult to access? It shouldn't be!

Where is this data from?

We have run image and text processing on the all 448 pages of the original Mueller Report PDF Image to make it searchable. Text translations are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Original Images and PDF's are included on every page for reference.


  • This is an objective, non-editorial site. If you're looking for flame wars, go somewhere else.
  • Text processing is pretty good, but not guaranteed. We are working on validating and improving the results, but we're working from a 450 page image file. There will be some opportunities for improvement.
  • Logical Grouping of People, Organizations and Topics Again, a work in progress. If you want to find a topic that isn't editorially published, just search!

OPEN Mueller Report