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Organization starting in approximately June 2017.754 On approximately June 2, 2017, Goldstone spoke with Alan

Garten, general counsel of the Trump Organization, about his participation in the June 9 meeting.755

The same day, Goldstone emailed Veselnitskaya’s name to Garten, identifying her as the “woman who was

at the meeting from Moscow.”756 Later in June 2017, Goldstone participated in a lengthier call with Garten

and Alan Futerfas, outside counsel for the Trump Organization (and, subsequently, personal counsel for

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Investigative Technique 7“ Investigative Technique 767 7/10/17 Email, Goldstone to Futerfas & Garten

. 769 7/ 10/17 Email, Goldstone to Futerfas & Garten. 7“ Samochomov mm 3022 at 1;— 772— Samochornov

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Trump for President, Inc). 57“ Goldstone 2/8/ 18 302, at 12; 6/2/ 17 and 6/5/17 Emails, Goldstone & Garten

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Foresman, Robert (Bob) Futerfas, Alan Garten, Alan Gates, Richard (Rick) III Gerson, Richard (Rick


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