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instruction included sending internal polling data prepared for the Trump Campaign by pollster Tony Fabrizio

.891 Fabrizio had worked with Manafort for years and was brought into the Campaign by Manafort.

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for the lan to work, both US. and Russian support were necessary. 2/21/ 18 Email, Manafort, Ward, & Fabrizio

Technique 929 Documentary evidence confirms the peace-plan discussions in 2018. 2/ 19/ 1 8 Email, Fabrizio

to Ward (forwarding email from Manafort); 2/21/18 Email, Manafort to Ward & Fabrizio. 93” Manafort

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June 8, 2018), Doc. 318. 96° 2/12/18 Email, Fabrizio to Manafort & Ward; 2/16/18 Email, Fabrizio to

Manafort; 2/19/18 Email, Fabrizio to Ward; 2/21/18 Email, Manafort to Ward & Fabrizio. 9‘“ 2/21/18 Email

, Manafort to Ward & Fabrizio (7:16:49 am.)

(attachment). 962 3/9/18 Email, Ward to Manafort & Fabrizio (attachment). 963 Investigative Technique

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US Department of Justice WW/lmheafiamm—EWWWM Fabrizio, Anthony (Tony) Fishbein, Jason Flynn, Michael


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