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According to Foresman, he had been asked by Anton Kobyakov, a Russian presidential aide involved with

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/16 Email, Mifsud to Papadopoulos (11:43:53). 449 Papadopoulos Statement of Offense 1] 10(0). 45° Anton

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, the 2016 Q4 meeting with Putin was preceded by a preparatory meeting with Putin’s chief of staff, Anton

Vaino.980 According to Aven, at his Q4 2016 oneeon-one meeting with Putin,981 Putin raised the prospect

confirmed through an attorney proffer that Official 1 was Putin and Official 2 was Putin’s chief of staff, Vaino

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Afierney—Werk—Predwtfl -‘: Klimentov, Dmitri Klokov, Dmitry Kobyakov, Anton Krickovic, Andrej Krylova

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Trump, Eric Trump, Ivanka Ushakov, Yuri Viktorovich Vaino, Anton Van der Zwaan, Alexander Vargas


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