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At the time of Sessions’s recusal, Dana Boente, then the Acting Deputy Attorney - General and US Attorney

Dana Boente shall act as and perform the functions of the Attorney General with respect to any matters

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officials made clear that they wanted Comey to provide information about the ongoing FBI investigation.“ Dana

Boente, who at that time was the Acting Attorney Generai for the Russia investigation, authorized Comey

’06 Donaldson 1 1/6/17 302, at 14; see SCWAD_000168 (Donaldson 3/6/17 Notes) (“'POTUS wants to call Dana

(Mar. 20, 2017). 31lComey 11/15/17 302,at16;McCabe 8/17/17, at 15; McGahn 12/14/17 302, at 1. 312 Boente

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the Department of Justice correct the misperception that the President was under investigation.326 Boente

said McGahn told him the President was under a cloud and it made it hard for him to govern.328 Boente

Boente said McGahn agreed and dropped the issue.330 The President also sought to speak with Boente directly

, but McGahn told the President that Boente did not want to talk to the President about the request

11/31/18 302, at 5. 32“ Boente 1/31/18 302, at 5. 3” Boente 1/31/18 302, at 5. 33“ Boente 1/3l/l8 302

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to intervene with Come-y.331 McGahn recalled Boente telling him in calls that day that he did not think

stay on as FBI director for the next four years, which McGahn said he conveyed to the President}32 Boente

Donaldson 11/6/17 302, at 19. . ‘ 3‘32 McGahn 12/12/17 302, at 7; Burnham 11/03/17 302, at 11. 333 Boente

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would find a way to get out that we weren’t investigating him ”366 After the call ended Comey called Boente

that he personally is not under investigation.”369 Comey responded that he had passed the request to Boente

Comey, former Director of the FBI, at 6-7). 367 Comey 3/30/17 Memorandum, at 2; Boente 1/31/18 302,

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Department of Justice approved that action.377 After speaking with the President, McGahn followed up with Boente

could make a public announcement if the Department of Justice cleared it.3‘78 McGahn recalled that Boente

obstructive about the calls from the President, but they made Comey uncomfortable.379 According to McGahn, Boente

3'” McGahn 12/12/17 302, at 9. 3"“ McGahn 12/12/17 302, at 9. 379 McGahn 12/12/17 302, at 9; see Boente

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Department of Justice appointment of a Special Counsel.380 Boente did not recall that aspect of his

did recall telling McGahn that the direct outreaches from the President to Comey were a problem.381 Boente

reaching out to Coats, Pompeo, Rogers, and Comey following 38° McGahn 12/12/17 302, at 9-10. 3’“ Boente

1/31/18 302, at 7; McGahn 12/12/17 302, at 9. 382 Boente 1/31/18 302, at 7. 60

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The President sought to speak with Acting Attorney General Beente directly and told McGahn to contact Boente

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The same day, the President told advisers he wanted to call Dana Boente, then the Acting Attorney General

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Dzheykhun (Jay) Assange, Julian Aven, Petr Bannon, Stephen (Steve) Baranov, Andrey Berkowitz, Avi Boente

, Dana Bogacheva, Anna Bessert, Thomas (Tom) Referenced Persons Russian real-estate developer (owner


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