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Dempsey said Coats made it clear that he would not get involved with an ongoing FBI investigation.341 Edward

Gistaro, another ODNI official, recalled 33' SC_ADm_00210 (Donaldson 3/21/ 17 Notes); McGahn 12/12/17

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investigation.”342 Another ODNI staffer who had been waiting for Coats outside the Oval Office talked to Gistaro

a few minutes later and recalled Gistaro reporting that Coats was upset because the President had asked

President’s request to be an order, and the President did not ask Rogers to push back on the Russia 342 Gistaro

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Transcripts, at 20) (testimony by Admiral Michael Rogers, Director of the National Security Agency). 3“ Gistaro

6/14/17 302, at 1, 3; Pompeo 6/28/17 302, at 2-3. 3“ Gistaro 6/14/17 302, at 1. 357 Pompeo 6/28/17

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Coats 6/14/17 302, at 1; Gistaro 6/14/17 302, at 1; Culver 6/14/17 302, at l. 5‘” Ruddy 6/6/18 302,

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Foresman, Robert (Bob) Futerfas, Alan Garten, Alan Gates, Richard (Rick) III Gerson, Richard (Rick) Gistaro

, Edward Glassner, Michael Goldstone, Robert Gordon, Jeffrey (J.D.)


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