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Michael Flynn .......... . ...... ...... . ............................................ ....... 194 iv

Michael Cohen ............. .. .............. ...... . ................. . .................... . 195

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Kislyak about the sanctions until he had heard from the team at Mar~a~Lago.1241 He first spoke with Michael

3. 1242 Michael Ledeen is married to Barbara Ledeen, the Senate staffer whose 2016 efforts to locate

/17 302, at 3; Call Records of Michael Ledeen—. 1244 F1 nn 1 1/ 17/ 17 302, at 3-4; F lyrm Statement

McFarland —; Call Records of Michael T.

Flynn . 12“ Flynn 11/17/17 302, at 3.4 12"" Flynn 11/17/17 302, at 3-4; Flynn Statement of Offense 11

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In addition, the investigation produced evidence of FARA violations involving Michael Flynn.

., Turkey) and were resolved when Flynn admitted to the underlying facts in the Statement of Offense

Michael T. Flynn, No. 1:17-cr-232 (D.D.C.

Dec. 1, 20i7), Doc. 4 (“Flynn Statement of Offense”).1281 The investigation did not, however, yield

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The President’s Conduct Concerning the Investigation of Michael Flynn .................. 24 1. incoming

National Security Advisor Flynn Discusses Sanctions on Russia with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak

DOJ Officials Notify the White House of Their Concerns About Flynn ............. 31 5.

The President Discusses Flynn with FBI Director Comey ................................... 38 8.

The Media Raises Questions About the President’s Delay in Terminating Flynn .........................

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The President’s Conduct» Concerning the Investigation of Michael Flynn Overview During the presidential

transition, incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had two phone calls with the Russian Ambassador

Kislyak Shortly after the election, President-Elect Trump announced he would appoint Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn as Assistant to the President for National Security Afiaz‘rs and US. Rep.

et al.; 12/29/16 Email, McFarland to Flynn et al.; SF0000‘01 (12/29/ 16 Text Message, Flynn to Flaherty

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266 In late March or early April, the President asked McFarland to pass a message to Flynn telling him

him and that he should stay strong.267 Analysis In analyzing the President’s conduct related to the Flynn

go” or otherwise communicated that Comey should drop the investigation of Flynn.269 In private, the

See Michael S.

ET) Tweet (“1 never asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn.

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The President’s Conduct Towards Flynn, Manafort,” Overview In addition to the interactions with McGahn

taken other actions directed at possible witnesses in the Special Counsel’s investigation, including Flynn

When Flynn withdrew from ajoint defense agreement with the President, the President’s personal counsel

Conduct Directed at Michael Flynn As previously noted, see Volume II, Section 11.8, supra, the President

Following Flynn’s resignation, the President made positive public comments about Flynn, describing him

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by saying, “I don’t want to talk about pardons for Michael Flynn yet.

Michael T. Flynn, l:17-cr~232 (D.D.C. Dec. 1, 2017), Doc. 1 ; Plea Agreement, United States v.

Michael T. Flynn, 1:17-cr-232 (D.D.C. Dec. 1, 2017), Doc. 3.

“2 President Trump Remarks on Tax Reform and Michael Flynn ’s Guilty Plea, C-SPAN (Dec. 2, 2017).

843 President Trump Remarks on Tax Reform and Michael Flynn '5' Guilty Plea, C-SPAN (Dec. 2, 2017).

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US Department of Justice WW/lmheafiamm—EWWWM Fabrizio, Anthony (Tony) Fishbein, Jason Flynn, Michael

(a/k/a Michael Flynn Jr.) Flynn, Michael T.

Futerfas, Alan Garten, Alan Gates, Richard (Rick) III Gerson, Richard (Rick) Gistaro, Edward Glassner, Michael

Son of Michael T. Flynn, National Security Advisor (Jan. 20, 2017 — Feb. 13, 2017).


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General authorized the Special Counsel to investigate, among other things, possible criminal conduct by Michael

Flynn in acting as an unregistered agent for the Government of Turkey.

On December 1, 2017, Flynn pleaded guilty to an Information charging him with making false statements

The Special Counsel’s Office determined the referral was appropriate because the investigation of Flynn

Michael Flm n US. Attorney is Office for the District of Columbia (Awaiting sentencing) D—- l


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