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missing,” Trump asked individuals affiliated with his Campaign to find the deleted Clinton emails.264 Michael

“ Barbara Ledeen and Peter Smith were among the people contacted by Flynn.

Ledeen, a long-time Senate staffer Who had previously sought the Clinton emails, provided updates to

active in Republican politics, also attempted to locate and obtain the deleted Clinton emails.267 Ledeen

to Smith. 27° 12/3/15 Email, Ledeen to Smith (attachment). 62

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wrote, “we can discuss to whom it should be referred.”271 On December 16, 2015, Smith informed Ledeen

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In September 2016, Smith and Ledeen got back in touch with each other about their respective efforts.

Ledeen wrote to Smith, “wondering if you had some more detailed reports or memos or other data you could

marry it against the new data we have found and then could share it back to you ‘your eyes only.”’232 Ledeen

Ledeen wanted to authenticate the emails and solicited Contributions to fund that effort.

Email, Smith to Flynn et al.; 8/28/16 Email, Smith to Smith (bcc: Clovis et al.). 232 9/16/16 Email, Ledeen

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.287 The investigation did not establish that Smith was in contact with Russian hackers or that Smith, Ledeen

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Kislyak about the sanctions until he had heard from the team at Mar~a~Lago.1241 He first spoke with Michael

Ledeen,“Z42 a Transition Team member who advised on foreign policy and national security matters, for

Ledeen is married to Barbara Ledeen, the Senate staffer whose 2016 efforts to locate Hillary Clinton

Ledeen—. 1244 F1 nn 1 1/ 17/ 17 302, at 3-4; F lyrm Statement of Offense 3 c ' Call Records ofK.T.

McFarland —; Call Records of Michael T.

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SC_RRP000033 (Porter 12/6/17 Notes); Porter 4/13/18 302, at 6. 762 Porter 4/13/18 302, at 6-7. 763 Michael

Schmidt & Michael D.

Shear, Trump Says Russia Inquiry Makes U.S. ”Look Very Bad ”, New York Times (Dec. 28, 2017). 764 Michael

Schmidt & Michael D. Shear, Trump Says Russia Inquiry Makes US.

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. , READ: Michael Cohen ’3 statement to the Senate intelligence committee, CNN (Sept. 19, 2017,). ””

Call Records of Michael Cohen.

House of Representatives, Interview of Michael Cohen (Oct. 24, 2017), at 10-11, 117419. 1006 Call Records

of Michael Cohen.

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On December 3, 2018, after Cohen had filed his sentencing memorandum, the President tweeted, “Michael

of imprisonmentm‘s2 The next day, the President sent a series of tweets that said: I never directed Michael

As a lawyer, Michael has great liability to me!

W53 On December 16, 2018, the President tweeted, “Remember, Michael Cohen only became a ‘Rat’ after

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Krickovic, Andrej Krylova, Aleksandra Kushner, Jared Kuznetsov, Sergey Landrum, Pete Lavrov, Sergey Ledeen

, Barbara Ledeen, Michael Ledgett, Richard Lewandowski, Corey Luff, Sandra Lyovochkin, Serhiy Magnitsky

He communicated with Michael Cohen about a possible meeting between Vladimir Putin and candidate Trump

Senate staffer and associate of Michael Flynn who sought to obtain Hillary Clinton emails during the

director of the National Security Agency (Jan. 2014 — Apr. 2017); present when President Trump called Michael

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In a statement provided to Congress, attached as Exhibit C, Michael Cohen stated: ”To the best of my

Did you learn of any communications between Michael Cohen or Felix Sater and any Russian government officials

any discussions between June 2015 and June 2016 regarding a potential trip to Russia by you and/or Michael


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