Rachel Brand in the Mueller Report - 8 Mentions

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Expert would license the name and brand from the Trump Organization but construct the building on its

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Natalia Veselnitskaya Before the Senate Committee on Judiciary (Nov. 20, 2017) at 33; Keir Simmons & Rachel

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calamity if Sessions resigned because Priebus expected that Rosenstein and Associate Attorney General Rachel

Brand would also resign and the President would be unable to get anyone else confirmed/556 The President

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2017, the President asked Staff Secretary Rob Porter what he thought of Associate Attorney General Rachel

Brand.739 Porter recalled that the President asked him if Brand was good, tough, and “on the team.”740

The President also asked if Porter thought Brand was interested in being responsible for the Special

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Department of Justice AttemerWerlePredueH/ to be Attorney General one day.741 Because Porter knew Brand

by Porter show that the President told Porter to “Keep in touch with your friend,” in reference to Brand

.743 Later, the President asked Porter a few times in passing whether he had spoken to Brand, but Porter

fire the Special Counsel, although the President never said so explicitly.745 Porter did not contact Brand

Because of Sessions’s recusal, if Rosenstein were no longer in his position, Brand would, by default,

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Frank Bruni, Paul Manafort’s Trial Is Donald Trump ’s, Too, New York Times Opinion (July 31, 2018); Rachel

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Organization to have a Russian corporation build a tower in Moscow that licensed the Trump name and brand

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WU“- Boyarkin, Viktor Boyd, Charles Boyko, Yuriy Brand, Rachel Browder, William (Bill) Bulatov,


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