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passport.361 Cohen told the Office that at one point he requested a copy of candidate Trump’s passport from Rhona

Graff, Trump’s executive assistant at the Trump Organization, and that Graff later brought Trump’s passport

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from Sergei Prikhodko, a Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian F ederation.377 On January 14, 2016, Rhona

Graff sent an email to Duma stating that Trump was “honored to be asked to participate in the highly

78 Graff 37° F800018 (6/9/16 Text Messages, Sater & Cohen). 37‘ 6/13/16 Email, Sater to Cohen (2:10

Trump to Graff (9:18 a.m.)). 378 1/14/16 Email, Graff to Mira. 78

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Department of Justice asked Duma whether she recommended that Graff “send a formal note to the

declining his invitation; Duma replied that a formal note would be “great.”379 It does not appear that Graff

According to written answers from President Trump,380 Graff received an email from Deputy Prime Minister

Petersburg.381 Two weeks later, on March 31, 2016, Graff prepared for Trump’s signature a two-paragraph

Foresman asked Graff for a meeting with the candidate, Corey Lewandowski, or “another relevant person

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forthcoming, Foresman twice sent reminders to Graffwfirst on April 26 and again on April 30, 2016.388 Graff

forwarded his April 26 email (as well as his initial March 2016 email) to Lewandowski.389 On May 2, 2016, Graff

to Foresman); TRUMPORG_16_00137 (4/27/16 Email, Graff to Lewandowski). 39” TRUMPORG_16_00142 (5/2/16

Email, Graff to S.

Miller); see also TRUMPORG_16_00143 (5/2/16 Email, Graff to S.

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25/17 302, at 2-3; 566 Goldstone 2/8/18 302, at 10; Kaveladze 11/16/17 302, at 5-6; 4/25/16 Email, Graff

to Goldstone. 73 667 RGOOOO33-34 (4/25/16 Email, Graff to Goldstone (attachment)). 668

Graft); TRUMPORG_18_001013 (6/24/13 Email, Goldstone to Graft); TRUMPORG_18_001014 (6/24/13 Email, Graff

Kelly); TRIMORG_18_001333 (9/ 12/13 Email, Goldstone to Graff, Shugart); MU000004289 (7/27/13 Email,

Goldstone to Graff, Shugart)

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icon also send this into to your father via Rhona but it is ultra sensitive so wanted to send to you

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understood to mean Aras Agalarov, called to ask about the meeting/51 Goldstone emailed the document to Rhona

Graff, saying that “Aras Agalarov has asked me to pass on this document in the hope it can be passed

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discussing the trip with Trump and requesting a copy of Trump’s passport from Trump’s personal secretary, Rhona

Graff.917 By January 2016, Cohen had become frustrated that Sater had not set up a meeting with Russian

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Gorkov, Sergey Graff, Rhona Partner at the research and consulting firm F abrizio, Lee & Associates.

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to these questions, I became aware that on March 17, 2016, my assistant at the Trump Organization, Rhona

Graff, received an email from a Serge-i Prikhodko, who identified himself as Deputy Prime Minister of

Graff prepared for my signature a brief response declining the invitation.


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