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who had relationships with various individuals associated with the Trump Campaign, including Steve Bannon

/18302, _ 999 Nader 1/22/18 302, at 3. 1000 1001 1002 3003 1004 1005 Prince 4/4/18 302, at 1-5; Bannon

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unsolicited policy papers on issues such as foreign policy, trade, and Russian election interference to Bannon

After the election, Prince frequently visited transition offices at Trump Tower, primarily to meet with Bannon

but on occasion to meet Michael Flynn and others.1007 Prince and Bannon would discuss, inter alia, foreign

2/14/18 302, at 19-20; 10/18/16 Email, Prince to Bannon. 10‘" Flynn 11/20/17 302, at 6; Flynn 1/11/

18 302, at 5; Flynn 1/24/18 302, at 5-6; Flynn 5/1/18 302, at 11; Prince 4/4/18 302, at 5, 8; Bannon

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Department of Justice and Prince told the Office that he likely showed that image to Bannon.1088

Prince also believed he provided Bannon with Dmitriev’s contact information. 1089 According to Prince

was not a priority for Bannon.1090 Prince related that Bannon did not appear angry, just relatively

also stated that had Prince mentioned such a meeting, Bannon would have remembered it, and Bannon would

4/4/18 302, at 6. . 1°96 Bannon 10/26/18 302, at 1'1; Bannon 2/14/18 302, at 36. low-Eamon 10/26/18

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Hicks recalled that after she made that statement, she spoke with Campaign advisers Kellyanne Conway, Stephen

Miller, Jason Miller, and probably Kushner and Bannon to ensure it was accurate, and there was no hesitation

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the sanctions.99 Flynn recalled discussing the sanctions issue with incoming Administration official Stephen

Bannon the next day.100 Flynn said that Bannon appeared to know about Flynn’s conversations with Kislyak

, and he and Bannon agreed that they had “stopped the train on Russia’s response” to the sanctions.101

Bannon recalled meeting with Flynn that day, but said he did not remember discussing sanctions with him

Bannon 2/12/18 302, at 9. 101 Flynn 11/21/17 302, at 1; Flynn 1/19/18 302, at 5.

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with Comey, but Sessions did not think the President had made the decision to terminate Corneyfi‘98 Bannon

President brought Comey up with him at least eight times on May 3 and May 4, 2017.399 According to Bannon

There was no collusion.”400 Bannon told the President that he could not fire Comey because “that ship

by the President and various advisers and family members, including Jared Kushner and senior advisor Stephen

2/12/18 302, at 20. 40” Bannon 2/12/18 302, at 20. 4‘“ Bannon 2/12/18 302, at 20. 402 Bannon 2/ 12

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Two days later, the President told advisors he had decided to fire Comey and dictated a letter to Stephen

The termination letter the President and Stephen Miller prepared in Bcdminster 75

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Harm to Ongoing Matter $rm to Ongoing Matter Harm to Ongoing Matter Harm to Ongoing Matter ”7 Stephen

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Agalarov, Emin Akhmetov, Rinat Akhmetshin, Rinat Aslanov, Dzheykhun (Jay) Assange, Julian Aven, Petr Bannon

, Stephen (Steve) Baranov, Andrey Berkowitz, Avi Boente, Dana Bogacheva, Anna Bessert, Thomas (Tom

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l Medvedev, Dmitry Melnik, Yu riy Mifsud, Joseph Miller, Matt Miller, Stephen Millian, Sergei Mnuchin


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