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to [the candidate] personally or [to] someone [the candidate] absolutely trusts”—to policy advisor Stephen

Miller.390 No communications or other evidence obtained by the Office indicate that the Trump Campaign

Miller); see also TRUMPORG_16_00143 (5/2/16 Email, Graff to S.

Miller) (forwarding March 2016 email from Foresman). 391 Foresman’s contacts during the transition period

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the day before Mifsud told Papadopoulos about the emails, Papadopoulos wrote to senior policy advisor Stephen

Miller that “[tlhe Russian government has an open invitation by Putin for Mr.

cities.”‘“56 On April 27 , 2016, after his meeting with Mifsud, Papadopoulos wrote a second message to Miller

Miller (8: 12:44 pm). “7 4/27/16 Email, Papadopoulos to S.

Miller (6:55:58 pm). 468 4/27/ 16 Email, Papadopoulos to Lewandowski (7:15:14 pm). 469 5/4/16 Email,

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Senior policy advisor Stephen Miller, for example, did not remember hearing anything from Papadopoulos

Miller 12/14/17 302, at 10. 497 93

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staff, Rick Dearborn.612 In mid-April 2016, Kushner put Simes in contact with senior policy adviser Stephen

Miller and forwarded to Simes an outline of the foreign-policy speech that Miller had prepared.613 Simes

Director Paul Saunders and board member Richard Burt.614 Simes received subsequent draft outlines from Miller

, and he and Saunders spoke to Miller by phone about substantive changes to the speech.“ It is not clear

Miller (12:30 p.m.)).

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Hicks recalled that after she made that statement, she spoke with Campaign advisers Kellyanne Conway, Stephen

Miller, Jason Miller, and probably Kushner and Bannon to ensure it was accurate, and there was no hesitation

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end of the January 6, 2017 intelligence assessment briefing.321 McGahn, Donaldson, and senior adviser Stephen

Miller recalled that the President was upset with Comey’s testimony and the press coverage that followed

Miller 10/31/17 302, at 4; McGahn 12/12/17 302, at 5-7. 323 SC_AD__00213 (Donaldson 3/21/17 Notes).

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by the President and various advisers and family members, including Jared Kushner and senior advisor Stephen

Miller 10/31/17 302, at 4-5; sca025_000019 (President’s Daily Diary, 5/4/17). 4‘” s.

Miller 10/31/17 302, at 5. 405 s. Miller 10/31/17 302, at 5-6. 406 s.

Miller 5/5/17 Notes, at 1; see 8. Miller 10/31/17 302, at 8. 4‘" s.

Miller 10/31/17 302, at 6. 64 1 1

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Department of Justice edits on the draft letter.408 Miller said the President was adamant that

what they were preparing because the President was worried about leaks.409 In his discussions with Miller

and the President began in a way that closely tracked what the President had dictated to Miller at the

Miller 10/31/17 302, at 6-8. 409 S. Miller 10/31/17 302, at 7.

Miller 10/3 1/ 17 302, at 7. “0 s. Miller 10/31/17 302, at 8. 411s.1~./1ii1er10/31/17 302, at s.

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Two days later, the President told advisors he had decided to fire Comey and dictated a letter to Stephen

Miller that began with a reference to the fact that the President was not being investigated: “While

The termination letter the President and Stephen Miller prepared in Bcdminster 75

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l Medvedev, Dmitry Melnik, Yu riy Mifsud, Joseph Miller, Matt Miller, Stephen Millian, Sergei Mnuchin


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