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Kilimnik requested the meeting to deliver in person a message from former Ukrainian President Viktor

Yanukovych, who was then living in Russia.

email also stated that if Manafort were designated as the US. representatiVe and started the process, Yanukovych

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Manafort’ assisted the Party of Regions in regaining power, and its candidate, Viktor Yanukovych, won

Manafort became a close and trusted political adviser to Yanukovych during his time as President of Ukraine

Yanukovych served in that role until 2014, when he fled to Russia amidst popular protests.854 iii.

Russia and Ukraine and was a longtime Manafort employee.855 Kilimnik had direct and close access to Yanukovych

and multiple Ukrainian oligarchs.856 Kilimnik also maintained a relationship with Deripaska’s deputy, Viktor

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is quite interesting.914 Manafort identified “the guy who gave you your biggest black caviar jar” as Yanukovych

He explained that, in 2010, he and Yanukovych had lunch to celebrate the recent presidential election

Yanukovych gave Manafort a large jar of black caviar that was worth approximately $30,000 to $40,000.915

with Kilimnik being in Moscow—where Yanukovych resided—when Kilimnik wrote “I met today with the u ”

and'with a December 2016 email in which Kilimnik referred to Yanukovych as “13G,” 916 Manafort replied

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Department of Justice and having Yanukovych, the Ukrainian President ousted in 2014, elected to

asked Manafort in the August 2 meeting to convince Trump to come out in favor of the peace plan, and Yanukovych

lan after their Au ust 2 meetin .926 Manafort said t at he reacted negatively to Yanukovych

sending—years later—an “urgent” request when Yanukovych needed him.927 When confronted with an email

The plan emphasized that Yanukovych would be an ideal candidate to bring peace to the region as prime

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called for the United States and President Trump to support the Autonomous Republic of Donbas with Yanukovych

62 (The poll was not solely about Donbas; it also sought participants’ views on leaders apart from Yanukovych

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that campaign chairman Paul Manafort had done work for the “Russian-backed former Ukrainian president Viktor

Yanukovych.”l7 In addition, the press raised questions during the Republican 9 @realDonaldTrump 6/16

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WU“- Boyarkin, Viktor Boyd, Charles Boyko, Yuriy Brand, Rachel Browder, William (Bill) Bulatov,

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Miller, Stephen Millian, Sergei Mnuchin, Steven Mfiller-Maguhn, Andrew Nader, George Netyksho, Viktor

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Van der Zwaan, Alexander Vargas, Catherine Vasilchenko, Gieb Veselnitskaya, Natalia Weber, Shlomo Yanukovych

, Viktor Investment banker active in Republican politics who sought to obtain Hillary Clinton emails

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Viktor Netyksho, et al. (Russian Hacking Operations) US.

payments Paul Manafort received from the Ukrainian government before and during the tenure of President Viktor



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