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For example, on July 14, 2016, GRU officers operating under the DCLeaks persona sent a link and password

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leaked emails linked [to] Hillary Clinton’s staff.”148 The GRU later sent the reporter a password and link

, [email protected] to l (claiming DCLeaks was a “Wiki eaks sub 15° Before sending the reporter the link

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., asking “you guys” to help disseminate a link alleging candidate Clinton had advocated using a drone

Stronglyflsuggest your dad tweets this link if he mentions us”257 WikiLeaks wrote that the

link would help Trump in “digging through” leaked emails and stated, “we just released Podesta emails

Part 43’258 Two days later, Trump Jr. publicly tweeted the wlsearchtk link?”

DonaldJTrumer to @WikiLeaks. 256 10/3/16 Twitter DMs, @DonaldJTrumer & @WikiLeaks. ”7 At the time, the link

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Italy, as part of his duties with LCILP.“ The purpose of the trip was to meet officials affiliated with Link

Campus University, a for—profit institution headed by a former Italian government official.

more questions than answers about mystery professor linked to Russia, The Guardian (Oct. 31, 2017) (“Link

Campus University . . . is headed by a former Italian interior minister named Vincenzo Scotti”)

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So am painted as some mysterious link to Putin.”766 After public reporting on the June 9 meeting began

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and Prince discussed Dmitriev.1°35 Nader informed Prince that the Russians were looking to build a link

After his dinner with Prince, Nader sent Prince a link to a Wikipedia entry about Dmitriev, and sent

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would have on the incoming Administration.1232 At 2:07 pm, a Transition 3 Team member texted Flynn a link

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Daily Briefing.334 According to Coats, the President asked them whether they could say publicly that no link

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2d Cir. 2011) (“[I]n enacting § 1519, Congress rejected any requirement that the government prove a link

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Expert Investment Company Internet Research Agency (IRA) KLS Research LLC Kremlin LetterOne Link

Campus University London Centre of International Law Practice (LCILP) Main Intelligence Directorate

University in Rome, Italy, where George Papadopoulos was introduced to Joseph Mifsud.


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