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Guccifer 2.0

LC. Expert Investment

Internet Research
Agency (IRA)

KLS Research LLC



Link Campus

London Centre of

International Law
Practice (LCILP)

Main Intelligence
Directorate of the
General Staff (GRID

New Economic School
in Moscow (NES)

Opposition Bloc

Party of Regions

Pericles Emerging
Market Partners LLP

Prevezon Holdings Ltd.



Russian Direct
Investment Fund

Fictitious online persona operated by the GRU that released stolen
documents during the 2016 US. presidential campaign period.

Russian real-estate and development corporation that signed a letter of
intent with a Trump Organization subsidiary to develop a Trump
Moscow property.

Russian entity based in Saint Petersburg and funded by Concord that
engaged in an “active measures” social media campaign to interfere in
the 2016 US. presidential election.

Business established by an associate of and at the direction of Peter
Smith to further Smith’s search for Hillary Clinton emails.

Official residence of the president of the Russian Federation; it is used
colloquially to refer to the office of the president or the Russian

Company that includes Petr Aven and Richard Burt as board members.
During a board meeting in December 2016, Aven asked for Burt’s help
to make contact with the Presidential Transition Team.

University in Rome, Italy, where George Papadopoulos was
introduced to Joseph Mifsud.

International law advisory organization in London that employed
Joseph Mifsud and George Papadopoulos.

Russian Federation’s military intelligence agency.

Moscow—based, school that invited Carter Page to speak at its July 2016
commencement ceremony.

Ukrainian political party that incorporated members of the defunct
Party of Regions.

Ukrainian political party of former President YanukovyCh. It was
generally understood to align with Russian policies.

Company registered in the Cayman Islands by Paul Manafort and his
business partner Rick Davis. Oleg Deripaska invested in the fund.

Russian company that was a defendant in a US. civil action alleging
the laundering of proceeds from fraud exposed by Sergei Magnitsky.

Russian entity that organized the St. Petersburg International
Economic Forum.

Russian state-owned oil and energy company.

Sovereign wealth fund established by the Russian Government in 2011
and headed by Kirill Dmitriev.


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