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New Economic School (NES) in Moscow.550 The NES commencement ceremony generally
featured high-profile speakers; for example, President Barack Obama delivered a commencement
address at the school in 2009.551 NES officials told the Office that the interest in inviting Page to
speak at NES was based entirely on his status as a Trump Campaign advisor who served as the
candidate’s Russia expert.552 Andrej Krickovic, an associate of Page’s and assistant professor at
the Higher School of Economics in Russia, recommended that NBS rector Shlomo Weber invite
Page to give the commencement address based on his connection to the Trump Campaign.553
Denis Klimentov, an employee of NBS, said that when Russians learned of Page’s involvement in
the Trump Campaign in March 2016, the excitement was palpable.554 Weber recalled that in
summer 2016 there was substantial interest in the Trump Campaign in Moscow, and he felt that
bringing a member of the Campaign to the school would be beneficial.555

Page was eager to accept the invitation to speak at NBS, and he sought approval from
Trump Campaign officials to make the trip to Russia.556 On May 16, 2016, while that request was
still under consideration, Page emailed Clovis, J .D. Gordon, and Walid Phares and suggested that
candidate Trump take his place speaking at the commencement ceremony in MOSCOW.557 On June
19, 2016, Page followed up again to request approval to speak at the NES event and to reiterate
that NES “would love to have Mr. Trump speak at this annual celebration” in Page’s place-‘358
Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski responded the same day, saying, “If you want to do this,
it would be out side [sic] of your role with the DJT for President campaign. I am certain Mr.
Trump Will not be able to a’ctend.”559 V

In early July 2016, Page traveled to Russia for the NES events. On July 5, 2016, Denis
Klimentov, copying his brother, Dmitri Klimentovf6O emailed Maria Zakharova, the Director of
the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Information and Press Department, about Page’s visit and
his connection to the Trump Campaigns“ Denis Klimentov said in the email that he wanted to
draw the Russian government’s attention to Page’s visit in Moscow.562 His message to Zakharova

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