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on issues relating to the Magnitsky Act and had worked on the Prevezon litigation.716 Kaveladze and Anatoli

Samochornov, a 7“ Interview of: Donald J.

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the Ziff brothers had engaged in tax evasion and money laundering 7” Kaveladze 11/ 16/17 302, at 7; Samochornov

7/13/17 302, at 2, 4; I 718 u 719 Kaveladze 11/16/17 302, at 7; Samochornov did not recall

the lanned subject matter of the Trump Tower meeting coming up at lunch. _ Samochornov 7/12/ 17 302

points that she brought to the June 9 meeting. 720 72‘ E.g., Samochcrnov 7/12/17 302, at 4. 72’- E. g, Samochornov

7/12/17 302, at 4. 723 E. g., Samochornov 7/12/17 302, at 4; Goldstone 2/8/18 302, at 9. 724 725

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Department of Justice Afiemey—Werk—P-red-uetfl they call him to give him an excuse to leave.735 Samochornov

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Prevezon—offered to pay $90,000 of Samochornov’s legal fees.771 At Veselnitskaya’s request, the organization sent Samochornov

a transcript of a Veselnitskaya press interview, and Samochornov understood that the organization would

pay his legal fees only if “he made statements consistent with Veselnitskaya’s.”2 Samochornov declined

Futerfas & Garten. 769 7/ 10/17 Email, Goldstone to Futerfas & Garten. 7“ Samochomov mm 3022 at 1;— 772— Samochornov

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himself.773 The individual who conveyed Veselnitskaya’s request to Samochornov stated that he did not

on following Veselnitskaya’s answers but, in hindsight, recognized that by sending the transcript, Samochornov

speech, Gordon stated in pertinent part that the United States should have better relations with 773 Samochornov

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ET) Tweet. 6“ Samochornov 7/ 12/ 17 302, at 4. 667 See Volume 1, Section IV.A.5, supra (describing meeting

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Rogers, Michael Rosenstein, Rod Rozov, Andrei Rtskhiladze, Giorgi Ruddy, Christopher Rybieki, James Samochornov

, Anatoli Sanders, Sarah Huckabee Sater, Felix Saunders, Paul J.


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