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Prikhodko, Sergei

Prince, Erik

Raffel, Josh

Rasin, Alexei

Rogers, Michael

Rosenstein, Rod

Rozov, Andrei

Rtskhiladze, Giorgi

Ruddy, Christopher
Rybicki, James


Sanders, Sarah

Sater, Felix

Saunders, Paul J.

Sechin, Igor

Sessions, Jefferson
111 (Jeff)

Shoygu, Sergey

Simes, Dimitri

First deputy head of the Russian Government Office and former Russian
deputy prime minister. In January 2016, he invited candidate Trump to
the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Businessman and Trump Campaign supporter who met with Presidential
Transition Team officials after the election and traveled to the Seychelles
to meet with Kirill Dmitriev in January 2017.

White House communications advisor (Apr. 2017 1.. Feb. 2018).

Ukrainian associate of Henry Oknyansky who claimed to possess
derogatory information regarding Hillary Clinton.

Director of the National Security Agency (Apr. 2014 A May 2018).

Deputy Attorney General (Apr. 20 1, 7 — present); Acting Attorney General
for the Russian election interference investigation (May 2017 - Nov.

Chairman of LC. Expert Investment Company, a Russian real-estate
development corporation that signed a letter of intent for the Trump
Tower Moscow project in 2015.

Executive of the Silk Road Transatlantic Alliance, LLC who
communicated with Cohen about a Trump Tower Moscow proposal.

Chief executive of Newsmax Media and associate of President Trump.
FBI chief ofstaff (May 2015 —~ Feb. 2018).

Translator who worked with Natalia Veselnitskaya and attended a June
9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between Veselnitskaya and Trump
Campaign officials.

White House press secretary (July 2017 — present).

Real-estate adviser who worked with Michael Cohen to pursue a Trump
Tower Moscow project.

Executive with the Center for the National Interest who worked on
outlines and logistics of candidate Trump’s April 2016 foreign policy

Executive chairman of Rosneft, a Russian—stated owned oil company.

Attorney General (Feb. 2017 - Nov. 2018); US. Senator (Jan. 1997 -
Feb. 2017); head of the Trump Campaign’s foreign policy advisory team.

Russian Minister of Defense.

President and chief executive officer of the Center for the National



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