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Organization and the Crocus Group, a Russian real estate conglomerate owned and controlled by Aras Agalarov

Trump Jr. served as the primary negotiator on behalf of the Trump Organization; Emin Agalarov (son of

Aras Agalarov) and Irakli “Ike” Kaveladze represented the Crocus Group during negotiations,292 with

Both groups were involved in organizing the pageant, and Aras Agalarcv’s son Emin was a musical performer

Agalarov). 293 67

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was proposed to Donald Trump Jr. in an email from Robert Goldstone, at the request of his then-client Emin

Agalarov, the son of Russian real-estate developer Aras Agalarov.

Aras Agalarov is a Russian real-estate developer with ties to Putin and other members of the Russian

government, including Russia’s Prosecutor General, Yuri Chaika.664 Aras Agalarov is the president of

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with a handwritten note.667 Aras Agalarov expressed interest in Trump’s campaign, passed on “congratulations

/Russian relations.”668 On June 3, 2016, Emin Agalarov called Goldstone, Emin’s then-publicist.669 Goldstone

is a music and events promoter who represented Emin Agaiarov from approximately late 2012 until late

2016.670 While representing Emin Agalarov, Goldstone facilitated the ongoing contact between the Trumps

Goldstone understood Russian political connection, and Emin Agalarov indicated that the attorney was

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Agalarov, Goldstone emailed Trump Jr.684 The email stated: Good morning Emin just called and asked

Trump - helped along by Ares and Emin.

685 Goldstone conveyed Trump Jr.’s interest to Emin Agalarov, emailing that Trump Jr.

“wants to speak personally on the issue.”‘58’6 On June 6, 2016, Emin Agalarov asked Goldstone if there

Agalarov to Goldstone); RG000064 (6/6/16 Email, Goldstone to A.

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they could “speak now,” and Goldstone arranged a call between Trump Jr. and Emin Agalarovfz‘89 On June

6 and June 7, Trump Jr. and Emin Agalarov had multiple brief calls.690 Also on June 6, 2016, Aras Agalarov

According to Kaveladze, Aras Agalarov said the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Magnitsky Act

Awareness of the Meeting Within the Campaign On June 7, Goldstone emailed Trump Jr. and said that “Emin

Kushner would attend.696 Kaveladze ‘ “puzzled” by the list of attendees and that he checked with one of Emin

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After the June 9 meetin concluded Goldstone a 010 ized to Trum Jr Goldstone, he told Trump Jr. told Emin

asked Kaveladze to report in after the meeting, but before Kaveladze could call, Aras Agalarov called

Post-June 9 Events Veselnitskaya and Aras Agalarov made at least two unsuccessful attempts after the

the document to Rhona Graff, saying that “Aras Agalarov has asked me to pass on this document in the

Agalarov & Kaveladze (10:09 a.rn.)).

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Organization (and, subsequently, personal counsel for Trump Jr.).757 On June 27, 2017, Goldstone emailed Emin

Goldstone stressed that he “did say at the time this was an awful idea and a terrible meeting.”759 Emin

In a July 9, 2017 text message to Emin Agalarov, Goldstone wrote “I made sure I kept you and your father

investigating,” and “I hope this favor was worth for your dad—it could blow up.”763 On July 12, 2017 Emin

Agalarov). 759 RGOOOO92 6/27/17 Email Goldstone to E.

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The next month, Goldstone commented to Emin Agalarov about the volume of publicity the June 9 meeting

768 He proposed a different statement, asserting that he had been aske “by [his] client in Moscow — Emin

Agalarov — to facilitate a meeting between a Russian attorney (Natalia Veselnitzkaya [sic]) and Donald

Agalarov); — 765 Investigative Technique 7“ Investigative Technique 767 7/10/17 Email, Goldstone

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., to pass along from Emin and Aras Agalarov an “offer” from Russia’s “Crown prosecutor” to “the Trump

Trump—helped along by Aras and Emin.”

Trump Jr. and Emin Agalarov had follow-up conversations and, within days, scheduled a meeting with Russian

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Agalarov, Aras Agalarov, Emin Akhmetov, Rinat Akhmetshin, Rinat Aslanov, Dzheykhun (Jay) Assange

Performer, executive vice president of Crocus Group, and son of Aras Agalarov; helped arrange the June


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