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l. Trump Tower Moscow Project

The Trump Organization has pursued and completed projects outside the United States as
part of its real estate portfolio. Some projects have involved the acquisition and ownership
(through subsidiary corporate structures) of property. In other cases, the Trump Organization has
executed licensing deals with real estate developers and management companies, often local to the
country where the project was located.289

Between at least 2013 and 2016, the Trump Organization explored a similar licensing deal
in Russia involving the construction of a Trump-branded property in Moscow. The project,
commonly referred to as a “Trump Tower Moscow” or “Trump Moscow” project, anticipated a
combination of commercial, hotel, and residential properties all within the same building.
Between 2013 and June 2016, several employees of the Trump Organization, including then—
president of the organization Donald J. Trump, pursued a Moscow deal with several Russian
counterparties. From the fall of 2015 until the middle of 2016, Michael Cohen spearheaded the
Trump Organization’s pursuit of a Trump Tower Moscow project, including by reporting on the
project’s status to candidate Trump and other executives in the Trump Organization.290

a. Trump Tower Moscow Venture with the Crocus Group (2013-2014)

The Trump Organization and the Crocus Group, a Russian real estate conglomerate owned
and controlled by Aras Agalarov, began discussing a Russia-based real estate project shortly after
the conclusion of the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow.291 Donald J. Trump Jr. served as
the primary negotiator on behalf of the Trump Organization; Emin Agalarov (son of Aras
Agalarov) and Irakli “Ike” Kaveladze represented the Crocus Group during negotiations,292 with
the occasional assistance of Robert Goldstone.293

In December 2013, Kaveladze and Trump Jr. negotiated and signed preliminary terms of

289 See, e. g., Interview of‘ Donald J. Trump, Jr, Senate Judiciary Committee, 115th Cong. 151-52
(Sept. 7, 2017) (discussing licensing deals of specific projects).

29° As noted in Volume 1, Section III.D.1, supra, in November 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to
making false statements to Congress concerning, among other things, the duration of the Trump Tower
Moscow project. See Information 1i 7(a), United States v. Michael Cohen, 1:18-cr-850 (S.D.N.Y. Nov. 29,
2018), Doc. 2 (“Cohen Information”).

291 See Interview of: Donald J Trump, Jr, Senate Judiciary Committee, 115th Cong. 13 (Sept. 7,
2017) (“Following the pageant the Trump Organization and Mr. Agalarov’s company, Crocus Group, began
preliminarily discussion [sic] potential real estate projects in Moscow”). As has been widely reported, the
Miss Universe pageant—which Trump co-ownedat the time—was held at the Agalarov~owned Crocus
City Hall in Moscow in November 2013. Both groups were involved in organizing the pageant, and Aras
Agalarcv’s son Emin was a musical performer at the event, which Trump attended.

Kaveladze mm 302, a. 2, 4-6; _ osc-
KAVm00385 (12/6/13 Email, Trump Jr. to Kaveladze & E. Agalarov).




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