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government.”3 Approximately a month later, after the LOI had been signed, Lana Erchova emailed Ivanka

15/17 302, at 2. 331 Sater 12/15/17 302, at 3-4. 332 10/12/15 Email, Sater to Cohen (8:07 am). 334 Ivanka

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Weed-act // May-Geifiam—Matefial—Pmteeted-BndefiFed—R-Gfim—P-éée) Later that day, Hicks, Kushner, and Ivanka

an overseas trip for the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, accompanied by Hicks, Raffel, Kushner, and Ivanka

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June 22, 2m. 7, Hicks attended a meeting in the White House residence with the President, Kushner, and Ivanka

Counsel for Ivanka Trump provided an attorney proffer that is consistent with Hicks’s account and with

the other events involving Ivanka Trump set forth in this section of the report.

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In late December 2015, Mira Duma—a contact of Ivanka Trump’s from the fashion industry—first passed along

invitations for Ivanka Trump and candidate Trump from Sergei Prikhodko, a Deputy Prime Minister of the

50 p.m.)). 375 Cohen 9/12/18 302, at 2. 376 Cohen 9/12/18 302, at 7. 377 12/21/15 Email, Mira to Ivanka

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called “Crocus City,” which had also been the site of the Miss Universe pageant.297 In February 2014, Ivanka

A alarov to Ivanka Trurn Goldstone Facebook post, 2/4/14 (8:01 a. m ) Investigative Technique 299 See

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Trump, Eric Trump, Ivanka Ushakov, Yuri Viktorovich Vaino, Anton Van der Zwaan, Alexander Vargas

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also served as an informal agent of the Trump Organization in Moscow previously and had accompanied Ivanka

2016, assuring him the project was continuing.310 Cohen also discussed the Trump Moscow project with Ivanka

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Erchova, Lana Ex-wife of Dmitry Klokov who emailed Ivanka Trump to introduce (a/k/a Lana Klokov to the

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Ivanka Trump forwarded the email to Cohen.335 He told the Office that, after receiving this inquiry, he

she wrote that “[a]t the end of 201 5 and beginning of2016 I was asked by my eX-husband to contact Ivanka

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., Eric Trump, Paul Manafort, Hope Hicks, and, joining late, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.


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