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He told advisers that it was the end of his presidency, sought to have Attorney General Jefferson (Jeff

) Sessions unrecuse from the Russia investigation and to have the Special Counsel removed, and engaged

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-Russia relations:781 Sessions separately spoke with between six and 12 ambassadors, including Kislyak

.782 Although Sessions stated during interviews with the Office that he had no specific recollection of

Platform Subcommittee on July 10, 2016, the evening before its 773‘ Gordon 8/29/17 302, at 9. 779 Sessions

302, at 3. 73° Gordon 8/29/17 302, at 9; Luff 1/30/18 302, at 3. 731 Gordon 8/29/17 302, at 9. 7” Sessions

/18 302, at 22; Luff 1/30/18 302, at 3; see also Volume 1, Section IV.A.4.b, supra (explaining that Sessions

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The Office considered Whether, in light of these interactions, Sessions committed perjury before, or made

In January 2017 testimony during his confirmation hearing, Sessions stated in response to a question about

In written responses submitted on January 17, 2017, Sessions answered “[n]o” to a question asking whether

And, in a March 2017 supplement to his testimony, Sessions identified two of the campaign-period contacts

Sessions stated in the supplemental response that he did “not recall any discussions with the Russian

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After Sessions announced his recusal on March 2, the President expressed» anger at Sessions for the decision

and then privately asked Sessions to “unrecuse.”

Attorney General Sessions Recuses From the Russia Investigation In late February 2017, the Department

of Justice began an internal analysis of whether Sessions should recuse from the Russia investigation

1/17/18 302, at 1; Hunt 2/1/18 302, at 3. 274 E. g., Adam Entous et al., Sessions met with Russian

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Department of Justice President whereas McGahn would not.295 The President wanted McGahn to talk to Sessions

to him alone and suggested that Sessions should “unrecuse” from the Russia investigation?”

to help their presidents where Sessions had not.303 Sessions said he had the impression that the President

. 303 Sessions 1/17/18 302, at 3-4 304 Sessions 1/17/18 302, at 3-4.

Hicks recalled that after Sessions recused, the President was angry and scolded Sessions in her presence

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Department of Justice Atternw—WerlePred-uef‘l/ The President then told Sessions he should resign

as Attorney General.509 Sessions agreed to submit his resignation and left the Oval Office.510 Hicks

saw the President shortly after Sessions departed and described the President as being extremely upset

said he wanted Sessions to stay.519 At the conclusion of the meeting, the President shook Sessions’s

-000048419 (Hunt 5/18/17 Notes); Sessions 1/17/18 302, at 14. 5‘9 Sessions 1/17/18 302, at 14. 52° Hunt

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US Department of Justice A-tterneyWerlePred-uetl/ The President said that if Sessions delivered

popular guy in the country.“611 Lewandowski told the President he understood what the President wanted Sessions

to do.612 Lewandowski wanted to pass the message to Sessions in person rather than over the phone.613

meet at the Department of Justice because he did not want a public log of his visit and did not want Sessions

and arranged a meeting for the following evening at Lewandowski’s office, but Sessions had to cancel

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and joking with her about the idea of firing Sessions as a private citizen if Sessions would not meet

had discussed campaign-related matters with the Russian ambassador, contrary to what Sessions had said

publicly.638 That evening, Priebus called Hunt to talk about whether Sessions might be fired or might

and the President, and, after speaking to Sessions, Hunt had told Priebus that the President would have

to fire Sessions if he wanted to remove Sessions because Sessions was not going to quit.640 According

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Professionals; will operate according to the law.”760 Sessions also said, “I never saw anything that

was noteworthy because it did not fit with the previous discussion about Clinton.761 Porter understood Sessions

President’s team.762 At the end of December, the President told the New York Times it was “too bad” that Sessions

Jeff Sessions asking the Inspector General to investigate potentially massive FISA abuse.

ET) Tweet (“‘GOP Lawmakers asking Sessions to Investigate Comey and Hillary Clinton.’

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Sechin, Igor Sessions, Jefferson 111 (Jeff) Shoygu, Sergey Simes, Dimitri First deputy head of the


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