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On July 5, 2016, Denis Klimentov, copying his brother, Dmitri Klimentovf6O emailed Maria Zakharova, the

that he wanted to draw the Russian government’s attention to Page’s visit in Moscow.562 His message to Zakharova

560 Dmitri Klimentov is a New York-based public relations consultant. 5“ 7/5/ 16 Email, Klimentov to Zakharova

(translated). 562 7/5/16 Email, Klimentov to Zakharova (translated). 99

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officials.564 The following day, Peskov responded to what appears to have been the same Denis Klimentov-Zakharova

president Igor Sechin, and he thought Baranov might have mentioned 563 7/5/16 Email, Klimentov to Zakharova

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Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya Says She Didn 't Give Trump Jr. 1an on Clinton, NBC News (July 11, 2017); Maria

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that point had moved away from any request of me, but I have recorded it here as it happened.” 373 Maria

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Zakharova, Maria Director of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affair’s Information and Press Department


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