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Consulate in New York.523 Pa e later learned that Bulatov was a Russian intelli ence officer, _524 In 2013, Victor

Podobnyy, another Russian intelligence officer working covertly in the United States under diplomatic

cover, formed a relationship with Page.525 Podobnyy met Page at an energy symposium in New York City

and began exchanging emails with him.526 Podobnyy and Page also met in person on multiple occasions,

during which Page offered his outlook on the future of the energy industry and provided documents to Podobnyy

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[I]t’s obvious that he wants to earn lots of money.”529 Podobnyy said that he had led Page on by “feed

[ing] him empty promises” that Podobnyy would use his Russian business connections to help Page.530 Podobnyy

“ In 2015, Podobnyy and two other Russian intelligence officers were charged with conspiracy to act as

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Kilimnik wrote back the same day, “Yes, I have been sending everything to Victor [Boyarkin, Deripaska

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Podobnyy, Victor Poliakova, Elena Polonskaya, Olga Pompee, Michael Porter, Robert Priebus, Reince


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