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Oganov, Georgiy

Oknyansky, Henry
(a/k/a Henry

Page, Carter


Parscale, Bradley
Patten, William

(Sam) Jr.
Peskov, Dmitry
Phares, Walid
Pinedo, Richard

Podesta, John Jr.

Podebnyy, Victor

Poliakova, Elena

Polonskaya, Olga

Pompee, Michael

Porter, Robert

Priebus, Reince

Prigozhin, Yevgeniy

Adviser to Oleg Deripaska and a board member of investment company
Basic Element. He met with Paul Manafert in Spain in early 2017.

Florida-based Russian individual who claimed to have derogatory
information pertaining to Hillary Clinton. He met with Roger Stone in
May 2016.

Foreign policy adviser to the Trump Campaign who advocated pro-
Russian views and made July 2016 and December 2016 visits to Moscow.

Foreign policy adviser to the Trump Campaign who received information
from Joseph Mifsud that Russians had “dirt” in the form of thousands of
Clinton emails. He pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contact

with Mifsud.
Digital media director for the 2016 Trump Campaign.

Lobbyist and business partner of Konstantin Kilimnik.

Deputy chief of staff of and press secretary for the Russian presidential

Foreign policy adviser to the Trump Campaign and co-secretary general
of the Transatlantic Parliamentary Group on Counterterrori‘sm (TAG).

US. person who pleaded guilty to a single~count information of identity

Clinton campaign chairman whose email account was hacked by the
GRU. WikiLeaks released his stolen emails during the 2016 campaign.

Russian intelligence officer who interacted with Carter Page while
operating inside the United States; later charged in 2015 with conspiring
to act as an unregistered agent of Russia.

Personal assistant to Dmitry Peskov who reSponded to Michael Cohen’s
outreach about the Trump Tower Moscow project in January 2016.

Russian national introduced to George Papadepeulos by Joseph Mifsud
as an individual with connections to Vladimir Putin.

US. Secretary of State; director of the Central Intelligence Agency (Jan.
2017 ~ Apr. 2018).

White House staff secretary (Jan. 2017 — Feb. 2018).

White House chief of staff (Jan. 2017 — July 2017); chair of the
Republican National Committee (Jan. 2011 — Jan. 2017).

Head of Russian companies ConcordCatering and Concord Management
and Consulting; supported and financed the Internet Research Agency,
which engaged in an “active measures” social media campaign to
interfere in the 2016 US. presidential election.


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