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1998 until 2001, Veselnitskaya worked as a prosecutor for the Central Administrative District of the Russian

officials and which was named for a Russian tax specialist who exposed a fraud and later died in a Russian

Had Russian Spy Agency As Client, Reuters (July 21, 2017); Andrew E.

Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian tax specialist who worked for William Browder, a former investment fund

After Magnitsky died in a Russian prison, Browder lobbied Congress to pass the Magnitsky Act.

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The investigation did not establish that Manafort otherwise coordinated with the Russian government on

Kilimnik, who speaks and writes Ukrainian and Russian, facilitated many of Manafort’s communications

Oleg Deripaska Consulting Work In approximately 2005, Manafort began working for Deripaska, a Russian

(“Pericles”), an investment fund created by Manafort and former Manafort business partner Richard Davis

The Pericles fund was established to pursue investments in Eastern Europe.847 Deripaska was the sole

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“L9 In particular, when the fund failed, litigation between Manafort and Deripaska ensued.

Konstantin Kilimnik Kilimnik is a Russian national who has lived in both Russia and Ukraine and was

a longtime Manafort employee.855 Kilimnik had direct and close access to Yanukovych and his senior entourage

oligarchs.856 Kilimnik also maintained a relationship with Deripaska’s deputy, Viktor Boyarkin,857 a Russian

national who previously served in the defense attache office of the Russian Embassy to the United States

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skepticism about Aven’s prospect for success.987 According to Aven, although Putin did not expressly direct

Background Dmitriev is a Russian national who was appointed CEO of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, the

Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), when it was founded in 2011.990 Dmitriev reported directly to

Direct Investment Fund, available at

See also Overview, Russian Direct Investment Fund, available at 991 Gerson

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and Dmitriev appeared to stop communicating with one another in approximately March 2017, when the investment

16, 2016, Catherine Vargas, an executive assistant to Kushner, received a request for a meeting with Russian

Kushner that Kislyak was “the best go-to guy for routine matters in the US,” while Yuri Ushakov, a Russian

foreign policy adviser, was the contact for “more direct/substantial matters.”113i Bob Foresman, the

UBS investment bank executive who had previously tried to transmit to candidate Trump an invitation

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The direct effect on the President’s freedom of action would correspondingly be a limited one.

And the Constitution does not mandate that the President have unfettered authority to direct investigations

ART. 11, § 2, cl. 1 (Opinions Clause); ART. 11, § 2, cl. 2 (Appointments Clause); see Free Enterprise Fund

See Free Enterprise Fund, 561 US. at 493, 500.

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Deripaska, Oleg Russian businessman with ties to Vladimir Putin who hired Paul M‘anafort for consulting

Dmitriev, Kirill Head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF); met with Erik Prince in the Seychelles

House Counsel Donald McGahn (Jan. 2017 — Dec. 2018) Dvorkovich, Arkady Deputy prime minister of the Russian

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Investment banker who sought meetings with the Trump Campaign in spring 2016 to discuss Russian foreign

New York hedge fund manager and associate of Jared Kushner.

to the Trump Campaign involved in changes to the Republican party platform and who communicated with Russian

Chairman of Vnesheconombank (VEB), a Russian state- owned bank, who met with Jared Kushner during the

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Expert Investment Company Internet Research Agency (IRA) KLS Research LLC Kremlin LetterOne Link

Roscongress Foundation Rosneft Russian Direct Investment Fund Fictitious online persona operated by

Oleg Deripaska invested in the fund.

Russian state-owned oil and energy company.

Sovereign wealth fund established by the Russian Government in 2011 and headed by Kirill Dmitriev.

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Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Democratic National Committee Federal Bureau of Investigation Russian

Federal Security Service Global Energy Capital, LLC Russian Federation’s Main Intelligence Directorate

National Security Agency Office of the Director of National Intelligence Presidential Transition Team Russian

Direct Investment Fund Russian International Affairs Council State boards of elections Special Counsel


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