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IRA emlo ees were aware that Priozhin was involved in the IRA’S U.S. o-erations,
Harm to Ongoing Matter


Harm to Ongoing Matter

' In May
2016, IRA employees, claiming to be US. social activists and administrators of Facebook groups,
recruited U.S. persons to hold signs (including one in front of the White House) that read “Happy

55th Birthda Dear Boss,” as an homa_e to Fri ozhin whose 55th birthda was on June 1, 2016 .31
Harm to Ongoing Matter




Harm to Ongoing Matter

C. The IRA Targets US. Elections

1. The IRA Ramps Up U.S. Operations As Early As 2014

The IRA’s US. operations sought to influence public opinion through online media and
forums. By the spring of 2014, the IRA began to consolidate US. operations within a sin_le
~eneral deartment, known intemall as the “Translator” HeoeBonqu deoartment.

Harm to Ongoing Matter



IRA subdivided the Translator Department into different
responsibilities, ranging from operations on different social media platforms to analytics to


2" Investigative Technique See SM-2230634,
serials 131 & 204.

30 See SM—2230634, serial 156.

31 Internet Research Agency Indictment ‘H 12 b; see also 5/26/16 Facebook Messages, ID
1479936895656747 (United Muslims of America) 85

32 Harm to Ongoing Matter
see also SM-2230634, serial 189. Harm to Ongoing Matter


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