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Harm to Ongoing Matter


Two individuals headed the IRA’s manaement: its _eneral director Mikhail B strov, and
its executive director, Mikhail Burchik. Harm t0 Ongorng Matter


“Harm to Ongoing Matter

As earl as the s -_rin of 2014, the IRA be an to hide its fundin and activities.

Harm to Ongoing Matter


The IRA’s U.S. o‘erations are art of a lar o-erations known as

“Pro'ectLakhta ” Harm to Ongoing Matter

_er set of interlockin_



"Harm to Ongoing Matter

B. Funding and Oversight from Concord and Prigozhin

Until at least February 2018, Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin and two Concord companies
funded the IRA. Prigozhin is a wealthy Russian businessman who served as the head of Concord.

‘3 arm to Ongoing Matter 1

‘4 See, e.g., SM-2230634, serials 9, 113 & 130 Harm to Ongoing Matter

‘5 arm to Ongoing Matter

l6Harm to Ongoing Matter


See SM-2230634, serials
131 & 204.

‘7 arm to Ongoing Matter
18' arm to Ongoing Matter


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