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Carter Page Contact with Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich ............. 166 7.

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Carter Page Carter Page worked for the Trump Campaign from January 2016 to September 2016.

During his time with the Campaign, Page advocated pro-Russia foreign policy positions and traveled to

Russian intelligence officials had formed relationships with Page in 2008 and 2013 and Russian officials

may have focused on Page in 2016 because of his affiliation with the Campaign.

However, the investigation did not establish that Page coordinated with the Russian government in its

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Background Before he began working for the Campaign in January 2016, Page had substantial prior experience

From 2004 to 2007, Page was the deputy branch manager of Merrill Lynch’s Moscow office.517 There, he worked

Podobnyy and Page also met in person on multiple occasions, during which Page offered his outlook on

Testimony of Carter Page, Hearing Before the US.

“3 Page 3/30/17 302, at 10. Page 3/30/17302, _ 525 Complaint W 22, 24, 32, United States v.

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For example, on January 30, 2016, Page sent an email to senior Campaign officials stating that he had

Carter Page’s July 2016 Trip To Moscow Page’s affiliation with the Trump Campaign took on a higher profile

at the 5‘” See, e.g., 1/30/16 Email, Page to Glassner et al.; 3/17/16 Email, Page to Clovis (attaching

a “President’s Daily Brief” prepared by Page that discussed the “severe de adation of U.S.

et al. 543 1/30/ 16 Email, Page to Glassner et a1. 5‘” 1/30/16 Email, Page to Glassner et al. 545

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17 302, at 3. 567 See Carter W.

Page, The Lecture of Trump ’3 Advisor Carter Page in Moscow, YouTube Channel Katehon Think Tank, Posted

See Carter Page, “The Evolution of the World Economy: Trends and Potential,” Speech at National Economic

Speech (July 7, 2016). 568 Page 3/10/17 302, at 3. 569 Page 3/16/17 302, at 3. 570 s.

Weber 7/28/17 302, at 4. 572 Page 3/10/17 302, at 3; Page 3/30/17 302, at 3; Page 3/31/17 302, at 2.

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Carter Page Contact with Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich In December 2016, more than two months

after he was removed from the Trump Campaign, former Campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Pa e a ain

In a December 8, 2016 email intended for Manafort, Kilimnik wrote, “Carter Page is in Moscow today, sending

3/10/17 302, at 4; Page 3/16/17 302, at 3; _ Among other meetings, Page contacted Andrey Baranov, head

Page 3/16/17 302, at 3;— ‘20‘ Page 3/16/17 302, at 3,— 166

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Flynn had appeared regularly on RT as an The press also reported that foreign policy adviser Carter

Page had ties to a Russian state-run gas company,16 and that campaign chairman Paul Manafort had done

Russia Adviser Has Deep Ties to Kremlin ’s Gazprom, Bloomberg (Mar. 30, 2016); Julia Iofee, Who is Carter


Certain matters pertaining to Page are described in Volume 1, Section IV.A.3, supra. 17 Tracy Wilkinson

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Department of Justice WHMQWWW Oganov, Georgiy Oknyansky, Henry (a/k/a Henry Greenberg) Page, Carter

Russian intelligence officer who interacted with Carter Page while operating inside the United States;

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Sergey Deputy chief financial officer of Gazprom, a Russian state-owned energy company, and associate of Carter


the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affair’s Information and Press Department who received notification of Carter

Investment and management firm founded by Carter Page. Event hosted in partnership with theU.S.

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Moscow—based, school that invited Carter Page to speak at its July 2016 commencement ceremony.


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