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of Dmitry Peskov, the Russian government’s press secretary, indicating that he desired contact with Sergei

Two days later, Cohen sent an email to [email protected], repeating his request to speak with Sergei

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The Office was not fully able to explore the contact because the individual at issue—Sergei Millian—remained

Papadopoulos first connected with Millian via LinkedIn on July 15, 2016, shortly after Papadopoulos had

on July 30 and August 1, 2016.505 Afterwards, Millian invited Papadopoulos to attend—and potentially

, Millian & Papadopoulos (3:48 & 4:18 pm); 8/ 1/16 Text Message, Millian to Papadopoulos (8:19 pm).

& Millian (4:07:37 am. & 1:11:58 pm). 507 7/31/16 Email, Papadopoulos to Denysyk (12:29:59 pm). 94

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then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and candidate Trump as “being pro-Russian.”508 On August 23, 2016, Millian

of this matter.510 On November 9, 2016, shortly after the election, Papadopoulos arranged to meet Millian

to Papadopoulos (2:55:36 am). 51° Papadopoulos 9/20/17 302, at 2. 5” 11/10/16 Facebook Message, Millian

(5:09 ~ 5:11 pm); 12/7/16 Facebook Message, Millian to Papadopoulos (5:10:54 pm). 515 1/20/17 Facebook

Messages, Papadopoulos & Millian (4:374:39 a.m.). 5‘5 Page was interviewed b the FBI durin five meetin

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Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian tax specialist who worked for William Browder, a former investment fund

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rod-Hefl/H Hawker, Jonathan Heilbrunn, Jacob Hicks, Hope Holt, Lester Hunt, Jody Ivanov, Igor Ivanov, Sergei

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Ledeen, Michael Ledgett, Richard Lewandowski, Corey Luff, Sandra Lyovochkin, Serhiy Magnitsky, Sergei

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l Medvedev, Dmitry Melnik, Yu riy Mifsud, Joseph Miller, Matt Miller, Stephen Millian, Sergei Mnuchin

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Department of Justice WWHWW Prikhodko, Sergei Prince, Erik Raffel, Josh Rasin, Alexei Rogers, Michael

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that was a defendant in a US. civil action alleging the laundering of proceeds from fraud exposed by Sergei

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Were you told about a meeting between Jared Kushner and Sergei Gorkov that took place in December 2016


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