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479 Following Lewandowski’s departure from the Campaign, Papadopoulos communicated with Clovis and Walid

Phares, another member of the foreign policy advisory team, about an off- the-record meeting between

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rtrnent of Justice l l Atterney—Werlepreduetfl ‘- directly with Clovis and Phares in connection

with the summit of the Transatlantic Parliamentary Group on Counterterrorism (TAG), a group for which Phares

TAG summit,483 Papadopoulos remembered discussing Russia and a foreign policy trip with Clovis and Phares

The pie-summit messages included a July 11, 2016 email in which Phares suggested meeting Papadopoulos

the day after the summit to chat,485 and a July 12 message in the same chain in which Phares advised

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potential September 2016 meetings in London with representatives of the “office of Putin,” and suggest that Phares

, Clovis, and Papadopoulos (“Walid/ Sam me”) would attend without the official backing of the Campaign

“ Mr 1W_ London/England Walid/Sam me No official letter/no message 1 from Trump They are talking to

closed door workshops/consultations abroad,” and asked whether there was still interest for Clovis, Phares

, and Papadopoulos‘ ‘to go on that trip ”490 Clovis copied Phares on his response, which said that he

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Gordon, and Walid Phares and suggested that candidate Trump take his place speaking at the commencement

Weber 7/28/17 302, at 3. 556 See 5/16/16 Email, Page to Phares et al.

(referring to submission of a “campaign adviser request form”). 557_; 5/ 16/ 16 Email, Page to Phares

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host a fundraiser for ”3 Nader 1/22/18 302, at 1-2; Nader 1/23/18 302, at 2-3; 5/3/16 Email, Nader to Phares

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Peskov, Dmitry Phares, Walid Pinedo, Richard Podesta, John Jr.

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George Papadopoulos, Sam Clovis, and Walid Phares attended the TAG summit in July 2016.


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