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Campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos made early contact with Joseph Mifsud, a London-based

Immediately upon his return to London from that trip, Mifsud told Papadopoulos that the Russian government

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guilty to lying to investigators about, inter alia, the nature and timing of his interactions with Joseph

Mifsud, the professor who told Papadopoulos that the Russians had dirt on candidate Clinton in the form

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2016 to early October 2016.394 In late April 2016, Papadopoulos was told by London—based professor Joseph

Mifsud, immediately after Mifsud’s return from a trip to Moscow, that the Russian government had obtained

Throughout the relevant period of time and for several months thereafter, Papadopoulos worked with Mifsud

interview about, inter alia, the timing, extent, and nature of his interactions and communications with Joseph

Mifsud and two Russian nationals: Olga Polonskaya and Ivan Timofeev.

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‘m During the visit, Papadopoulos was introduced to Joseph Mifsud.

Mifsud is a Maltese national who worked as a professor at the London Academy of Diplomacy in London,

In January and February 2016, Mifsud and discussed possibly meeting in Russia.

After Papadopoulos informed Mifsud about his role in the Trump Campaign, however, Mifsud appeared to

“2 Papadopoulos 8/10/17 302, at 2-3; Stephanie Kirchgaessner et 31., Joseph Mifsud: more questions

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an oil and energy consultant” and an “[e]xcellent guy.”421 On March 24, 2016, Papadopoulos met with Mifsud

in London”: Mifsud was accompanied by a Russian female named Olga Polonskaya.

message stated in pertinent part: I just finished a very productive lunch with a good friend of mine, Joseph

Mifsud, the director of the London Academy of Diplomacy--who introduced me to both Putin’s niece and

‘21 Papadopoulos 8/10/17 302, at 3; 3/24/16 Text Messages, Mifsud & Papadopoulos. 423 Papadopoulos

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and his internet-search history all indicate that the meeting took place.454 Following the meeting, Mifsud

traveled as planned to Moscow/‘55 On April 18, 2016, while in Russia, Mifsud introduced Papadopoulos

over email to Ivan Timofeev, a member of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC).456 Mifsud

returned to England on April 25, 2016.462 The next day, Papadopoulos met Mifsud for breakfast at the

‘54 4/ 12/16 Email, Mifsud to Papadopoulos (5:44:39 am.)

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During the interview, Papadopoulos lied about the timing, extent, and nature of his communications with Joseph

Mifsud, Olga Polonskaya, and Ivan Timofeev.

With respect to timing, Papadopoulos acknowledged that he had met Mifsud and that Mifsud told him the

Mifsud showed interest in Papadopoulos only after learning of his role on the Campaign.

And Mifsud told Papadopoulos about the Russians possessing “dirt” on candidate Clinton in late April

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l Medvedev, Dmitry Melnik, Yu riy Mifsud, Joseph Miller, Matt Miller, Stephen Millian, Sergei Mnuchin

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Foreign policy adviser to the Trump Campaign who received information from Joseph Mifsud that Russians

He pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contact with Mifsud.

Russian national introduced to George Papadepeulos by Joseph Mifsud as an individual with connections

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University in Rome, Italy, where George Papadopoulos was introduced to Joseph Mifsud.

International law advisory organization in London that employed Joseph Mifsud and George Papadopoulos


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