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Petersburg, Russia, and received funding from Russian oligarch Yevgeniy Prigozhin and companies he controlled

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influence came principally from the Internet Research Agency, LLC (IRA), a Russian organization funded by Yevgeniy

Viktorovich Prigozhin and companies he controlled, including Concord Management and Consulting LLC and

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Funding and Oversight from Concord and Prigozhin Until at least February 2018, Yevgeniy Viktorovich

Prigozhin and two Concord companies funded the IRA.

Prigozhin is a wealthy Russian businessman who served as the head of Concord.

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., Neil MacFarquhar, Yevgeny Prigozhin, Russian Oligarch Indicted by US, Is Known as "Putin's Cook",

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through the “active measures” social media campaign carried out by the IRA, an organization funded by Prigozhin

explained further in Volume 1, Section V.A, infia, the Office concluded (and a grand jury has alleged) that Prigozhin

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Podobnyy, Victor Poliakova, Elena Polonskaya, Olga Pompee, Michael Porter, Robert Priebus, Reince Prigozhin

, Yevgeniy Adviser to Oleg Deripaska and a board member of investment company Basic Element.

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Concord Management and Consulting, LLC and Concord Catering, which are Russian companies controlled by Yevgeniy



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